Freedom lost and a lake stolen from generations.

During my half century on this planet, I have watched freedom slowly slip away. Freedom costs money today. If you have lots of money, you have lots of freedom. If you are poor, your freedom is severely limited.

40 year ago kids were allowed to be free. We weren’t chained to phones and tracked/monitored 24×7. We swam in ponds, caught fish, hunted varmints, rode motorcycles and gokarts. We spent days on the creek and at Tucker lake a few miles away. The water was our freedom and entertainment, we learned responsibility and safety. We never disrespected the land or other people’s property. Freedom to explore and enjoy nature. Freedom to learn and respect our surroundings. Freedom to learn how to protect each other and keep everyone safe. We knew if someone got hurt, it was going to be bad for all of us, so we watched over each other. We protected our water entertainment.

I beleive part of the problem with youth and society today are the restrictions and lack of freedom. All of the places I played as a kid are now restricted. The ponds in town that were our playground are now off limits. The lake is now owned by the state and closed to the public. Access to the creek is restricted. Generations played in those waters without issue. This is a serious flaw in our society, to deprive youth the opportunity to be free and learn safety and stewardship. An alternative to sitting at home with their phones. Parents and society are forcing kids to turn to their phones as entertainment. Where they are indoctrinated and manipulated via technology. The summers here are hot and dry, the freedom and access to water made life better for everyone.

I recently moved back after living in the city for 25+ years. When I first moved back the lake was still open to the public. I rode my bicycle there almost daily in the summer. In 2020 it was closed by the State to build a State Park. A lake that was enjoyed by many generations is now closed to the public. A hand full of people made this decision, greedy people who have no interest in allowing anyone else freedom or enjoyment. Greed and control is making this world intolerable. The lake has been closed for a couple years now, and when it does open, there will be an entrance fee. That alone will lock many people out, especially in this economy. It has been dubbed “The playground of DFW.” What about the locals? To me that means it will be a playground for city people with money. The state has stolen our land just to make a profit, it has nothing to do with providing anything for people as the lake was available for 80 years without issue. A few short sighted people in the city of Strawn gave it away, never thinking about the youth and how important it was to the local population. Never considering how future generations would be deprived the things that their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents enjoyed. A lake that was open to the public since 1937 is now closed! When it does reopen, getting in will require a fee, and if you want to camp, good luck getting a reservation. All of the parks in Texas are booked weeks in advance in the summer, sometimes months. The locals are the ones who will suffer the most from our lake being stolen! A permit and permission will be required to visit the lake. How long will it be before we need a permit and permission to leave our homes!!

I plan on fighting to give the local people free access to their lake. With the economy and fuel prices, there are no options for outdoor recreation within the reach of the poor and the young people.

I need help in this fight, if you are interested in getting involved, please contact me. Together we can all demand that local people be allowed access to their lake!! Freedom is vital to our society. We can no longer stand by and let the elites take away our freedoms!!

Corrupt School Boards are Stealing Money From Taxpayers and Students

School boards have become a tool for the left to steal from all of us and to manipulate students to further their agenda to destroy America!

An excerpt from The Federalist’s Chuck DeVore

Texas Association of School Boards IRS filing 2019

Fakebook found a way to block me despite the law.

They found a way to circumvent the new Texas law against banning conservatives & Republicans! I can no longer login to Fakebook. They make me jump thru several hoops, answering questions, then it says “We currently can’t verify your identity. Please try again later.” Yes my password is correct, it knows who I am as there are no other logins. I use 1 computer with the same IP and the same browser. After hours and even days of waiting to be unblocked, I try again to login. I get the same BS messages every day and eventually getting blocked for the day. Each day I jump thru the same hoops wasting my time. I keep a detailed log of my attempts, so if anyone knows a good attorney that is willing to fight Fakebook, please let me know. I also encourage everyone who is a freedom loving American to get off this platform immediately, they are controlling speech and manipulating you!! Training you to be very careful what you say and think! My account was purely to post public information important for our community and I have been silenced!

One option to approve from another computer. I only use 1 computer, this one!! Idiots!

Update 27May2022:

Well I got logged backin for a few minutes.. I installed the app on my phone against all of my prinicpals. I closed the app to go do other things. I came back to it 10 minutes later only to be alerted that I have been logged out. I tried to get back in and got all the usual BS warnings listed above over and over. How is this possible? I logged into the app, saved the login, verified my identity and all was good. 10 minutes later they can’t verify my identity and I’m locked out. This is censorship plain and simple. Thenew Texas law states they can’t ban me or censor, so they just lock me out of my account saying they can’t verify my identity. It’s on my cell phone!! How in the hell is that not verifiable!! Facebook is without a doubt an arm of the communist regime that is in power!

Update 28May2022

The BS continues. I tried to login this morning and it immediately said it couldn’t verify my identity. I was never given any option to verify.

Update May 30, 2022: When I try to login, the only option I am given is to authorize my login from another computer. There is no other computer!! This confirms that Facebook is indeed purposfully blocking me. This is beyond a shadow of a doubt censoring. Only communists censor people.

Update May 31, 2022: They finally allowed me to login. Will see how long this lasts.

Texas needs a Texas size trail system!

I’ve started investigating a multi use trail from Mineral Wells (MW) State Park to Palo Pinto Mountains State Park (PPM) to Possum Kingdom SP (PK)

A Bicycle/horseback/hiking trail from MW – PPM – PK would benefit the parks and the surrounding communities in countless ways.

The trail would be a huge economic booster for the state and the local communities. Palo Pinto, Lake Palo Pinto, Gordon, Mingus, and Strawn.

This is the beginning of something big for Palo Pinto County and Texas!!

Here is the trail system that inspired me to start this journey.

Mickelson Trail South Dakota–mickelson-trail/

If you have any experience getting trails created or would like to help, please email me vinny at minguslife dot com.

Fakebook is doing everything they can legally/illegally to deter conservatives from using it.

Fakebook makes life hell for conservatives or anyone who speaks out against them. FB is the mouthpiece for the communist party that is currently in control. They will label everything Russian disinformation to get it blocked and cancelled and convince people it is fake. I hate the FB platform, it is the enemy of democracy, but people won’t open their eyes and see it. As long as you post funny pictures, and share them to keep others engaged in endless scrolling everyday viewing ads, putting money in their pockets, you are a good little subjects. If you disagree or call them out, you are the enemy. I am 100% an enemy of the communists in charge!! I was raised to fight for my country and freedom, and this is my fight, the digital fight!! I’ve proven this and so have thousands of others. Another FB tactic is to make it hell for us to simply login. I have had constant hell with this crap since they reinstated my account. Account locked warnings, constant bad password warnings, which is complete BS because I have a password vault that pastes the password in, I don’t type it. A system I have used for a decade without issue. After 3 times FB locks me out, I wait 30 minutes, and do the exact same password again and it lets me in. This is a known tactic they use to discourage use from people they dislike. I’d like more than anything to not have to deal with this BS, but this is the only place people will go for information, which is really sad… FB has the monopoly over people and information right now, and until everyone realizes the control they wield, we will remain in this situation. This website that is free for everyone to read and it can’t get censored. It’s simple and easy for me to post and everyone to see and get information. I’m working on an email mailing list to send out a weekly newsletter, but people won’t be bothered to read it… I suspect or even subscribe. Very few people actually care about the future, and even fewer will get involved. I am thankful that there are several here in Mingus that want to get involved and will raise their voices against the enemy, be it the tax man or the communists in charge of this country!! FB had a good idea and then ruined it by censoring and controlling the information people see, they sold out to the commies aka Democrats.

The USA is in big trouble and people need to realize what is happening.

Every American should be outraged by the CDC using location data on Americans without their consent!!! This is pure communism. Have we been taken over and just aren’t fully aware of it yet? I think so..

I left my phone at home 80% of the time, and when I did take a phone with me it was my flip phone that does not have GPS. But in Feb 22′ AT&T disabled my flip phone and won’t allow me to use it. Even though it is 100% compatible with the 4G network. Why did AT&T disable 3g? Not for any of the reasons the public was given. The 3g network is still functioning, but that network has been privatized for government data communications only. I can still see the signals on my spectrum analyzer. They shut 3g down becuase thousands (millions?) of people still used 3g phones that do not have GPS. Those phones also do not have the self destruct and remote access features of new phones. (Turning on the mic and camera remotely, software EOL) AT&T even sent people free phones, I got one, and of course it has GPS that can’t be disabled!!! The software on it also sends information to weird servers in the US that do no correlate with any services needed to use a phone.

I believe we HAVE been taken over by a communist governement and they are crushing Americans!! Step back and take a look at the bigger picture, this is not America anymore, it’s a reality TV show to entertain our enemies!!!

People need to wake up and reject all of this madness immediately!!!

Fakebook Banned Me

Update 14May2022: There is hope, I may be able to sue them to get my account back.

Update 14May2022: My account got re-instated. Thanks to Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the new law making it illegal to ban conservatives from social media!!

Here’s the message that I was trying to post when I got banned.

11May2022: I had to create a Facebook account a couple weeks ago to manage our city page and our community pages. Also to engage with the community. Well I got banned today for absolutely no reason. The only thing I was doing when I got banned was sharing a community event for a conservitive Republican candidate forum running for a Texas house seat. Welcome to censorship & communism!!!! It is controlling and manipulating people!! You can follow me on Twitter @VinnyHuckaba, but this website is the place where I can post information for the community without being censored or banned.

April 27th Property Tax Protest

Thank you to everyone who came to the Appraisal Review Board (ARB) meeting Wednesday April 27th in Palo Pinto to protest the new appraisal values. They doubled, tripled and even quadrupled peoples taxes! This a disgrace to the hard working people in Palo Pinto county. The protest Wednesday sent a loud and clear message to the Appraisal Review Board and the county that the residence of Palo Pinto county are not going to sit back and take these unreasonable increases any longer. We will get involved and we will put an end to this tax hike madness! There is strength in numbers and we need everyone involved. Everyone needs to stand up and be heard, let them know you will not stand for it. Fill out the protest forms that came with your notices and get them in before the deadline of May 18th. This is the most important thing you can do, fill those forms out and send them in. If you need assistance, please reach out on Facebook or call a friend, someone will help you fill those forms out. Over the next few days/week, there will be workshops in Strawn, Mingus, Lonecamp, Palo Pinto, and Gordon to help with those forms. The location, times, and dates will be announced as soon as we find a venue and volunteers. I know many people say it does no good, but I am here to tell you it DOES!! It is vitally important that we protest, otherwise they will continue to steal our land and our money.

The meeting Wednesday was very productive. The ARB and other county officials witnessed the numbers that came out to protest (100+ by my headcount). Make no mistake, it made a difference! I spoke briefly at the very beginning of their meeting and expressed my concerns with their arbitrarily set values and also spoke against their protest processes which are based purely on opinions of that board. For example, comparing a property in Mingus to a new property at 7R or comparing anything in Mingus to the many other new developments popping up does a huge disservice to our community. The same goes for properties all over the county where they compare apples to oranges. I’m currently working with our state representatives and others to take action and fix this property tax disaster before it destroys peoples lives. The “taxing entities” constantly pass the buck, they blame the state, and the state blames the county, but the fact remains that the ARB has the power to lower appraisal values, albeit thru their skewed opinion of individuals and broken processes that are based on their personal feelings and personal opinions. They have the power to to reduce the appraised amounts if they so choose, otherwise that protest form and the hearing they schedule is just smoke and mirrors. Many people have had success in getting their taxes lowered, but as I’ve witnessed many times, it all depends on who pulls on their heart strings, or who has the best pictures, or who speaks the loudest or kisses their butts the most. It’s like playing the lottery if you are going to get your taxes reduced. But there is hope, if enough people in the county fill out that protest form, they will have to re-evaluate or have a public hearing on the values!! I can’t stress enough how important it is to send that protest form in.

In the coming week, there will be meetings and town halls to discuss this with our state representatives and others that can help. Stay tuned and get those forms filled out and turned in to the Palo Pinto Appraisal office!

We the people run this country/county, not the elites who sit in their ivory towers looking down their noses on the common folk. We have the power to stop this and we will put an end to their thievery!!!

**Please note that ARB and the Appraisal Office are not part of the county, they are a political subdivision of the state of Texas. All appraisal districts in Texas are political subdivisions.

Texas Appraisal Review Board information

County Appraisal District Established in 1981 to Value Property in County

County appraisal districts were established in Texas in 1981. Previously, each tax entity was responsible for valuing the property in their district. Hence, if you wanted to protest the property taxes for your home, you would have to protest and attend hearing with: 1) county, 2) school and 3) city.

Section 6.01 – Appraisal Districts Established

Appraisal districts were established as a political subdivision of the state in 1981. Texas appraisal districts enjoy material privileges as a political subdivision.

While the claim seems ludicrous, Texas appraisal districts claim state district courts do not have jurisdiction to review actions of the appraisal district and appraisal review board. They further claim this is true even if they are knowingly and habitually violating Texas property tax law.

Being a political subdivision also provides some level of judicial immunity to appraisal districts and their staff who knowingly violate the Texas Property Tax Code and intentionally attempt to harm individual property owners.

There are limited options to affect change in errant behavior by appraisal districts. They include the judicial process, media, local political process and legislative process. There are currently no options for addressing individual unlawful actions by appraisal districts other than filing suit in state district court.

Filing a judicial appeal for each unlawful action by an appraisal district is an unsatisfactory option. It is expensive to exercise and at best achieves what was appropriate initially and provides the appraisal district no incentive to improve their behavior.

The appraisal district is run by the chief appraiser, who serves at the pleasure of the appraisal district board of directors, whose five members are appointed by the tax entities (served by the appraisal district). While there is a clear chain-of-command between appraisal district staff and the tax entities, there is not clear mechanism to protect against habitual unlawful behavior by appraisal districts and appraisal review boards.

Texas property owners should have an option to address unlawful behavior by appraisal districts and appraisal review boards. The Texas property tax system is superior to the system in many other states; however, Texas taxpayers have a right to expect and consistently receive lawful actions by tax assessors.

Sec. 6.01. Appraisal Districts Established

(a) An appraisal district is established in each county.

(b) The district is responsible for appraising property in the district for ad valorem tax purposes of each taxing unit that imposes ad valorem taxes on property in the district.

(c) An appraisal district is a political subdivision of the state.

Acts 1979, 66th Leg., p. 2224, ch. 841, Sec. 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1980. Amended by Acts 1981, 67th Leg., 1st C.S., p. 119, ch. 13, Sec. 12, 13, eff. Aug. 14, 1981; Acts 1983, 68th Leg., p. 4819, ch. 851, Sec. 1, eff. Aug. 29, 1983.

Cross References:
Changes in membership of board in a district, see Sec. 6.031.

The elected county tax assessor-collector is not constitutionally required to appraise property within an appraisal district. Article VIII, Sec. 18, Tex. Const., separates appraisal from the assessing function of the county tax assessor-collector, and directs the legislature to provide for a single appraisal within each county. The appraisal districts are charged with responsibility for appraising taxable property. Wilson v. Galveston County Appraisal District, 713 S.W.2d 98 (Tex. 1986).

A central appraisal district is a “public agency” empowered by Health and Safety Code Chapter 771 to maintain information needed for the provisions of 9-1-1 emergency service in rural areas. This is an implied authorization because the appraisal district must cooperate with other local agencies that are maintaining this type of information. The appraisal district directors are immune from personal liability for information so retained. Letter Op. Tex. Att’y Gen. No. DM-95-035 (1995).