The Old Mingus Church

The Church Incident.

DISCLAIMER: This is for entertainment purposes only. Any names or likenesses are simply coincidence.

The story of the old church.

The church was purchsed by a local man on the 22nd of August 2018 (Deed filed at the courthouse Sept 25, 2018) from a woman in Mingus. She had previously purchased the church from the Overlook Society on December 14, 2012 according to public records. She owned it for 6 years and let it rot during that time. This story is about a scam, lies, attempted robbery, vandalizsm, tresspass and a frivolous lawsuit concerning the bell and pews.

History: Prior to the most recent purchase in 2018 by the current owner, she had sold the church to someone else via owner financing. A gentlemen who lives on the same block as the church. He paid her monthly as required until he discovered that part of the property she had sold him South of the church was not hers to sell. An illegal land sale that she used to try to scam him. The owner finance purchase paperwork was never filed in the courthouse, even though the paperwork was drawn up by an attorney but apparently they were never paid, so it was not filed. This was revealed by her as a fact and the gentleman that financed thru her verified the accusation. When he stopped paying her due to the illegal land sale that was part of the deal, she foreclosed by simply evicting him using the local JP as there were no legal records of the owner finance transaction.

The church was already in very poor condition when she sold it to the current owner. No major renovations or upkeep had been done in the years she owned it and the water damage ran deep into the walls and floors. The South wall leaked and was badly damaged. Water was leaking into the side walls all around, dripping on the pews and floors from the holes in the roof. The window frames throughout the building leaked. It was left in disrepair for years prior to the sale in 2018. The pews, bell, and other fixtures were rained on, defecated on by vultures and rodents and left to rot while in her possession. She never had any interest in them until a year after it was sold! Why would they have been left to be rained on and destroyed if she had any interest in them?

Almost a year after it was purchased on August 22, 2018, the drama began. On June 8th, 2019, yes almost a year later!! She tried to steal the bell out of the church in broad daylight, during a city wide garage sale. She was told several times in text messages “DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING IN THE CHURCH!! NOTHING IS TO BE REMOVED!” Many of the locals were involved in the garage sale at The Deer Lease bar, pre occupied with the event, she took advantage and snuck around that day destroying the bell tower, lying to people about her permission and ownership of the bell and church! The current owner had been out of town, but came back early because he suspected something was going on with the church as per text messages. He arrived late that night unplanned, and the next day he went to the garage sale to the surprise of everyone because he was not supposed to be back for a couple days and didn’t tell anyone he had returned. The woman was at the garage sale and didn’t say a word to him, not even an acknowledgement. She walked by, looking down at her food silently as he said hello. It was an odd passing considering the usual greeting from an acquaintance after returning from an out of town trip for several days. Something was up!

The discovery. Upon leaving the garage sale. He headed over to check on the church. Nobody ever said anything about the church because nobody knew, or they knew but were lied to and unaware it was an attempt to steal the bell. Several people thought she still owned the church!! Yes she never told the people helping tearing it apart that she didn’t own it, nor did she tell anyone in town who would have been very concerned and called the sheriff’s office had they known it was an attempt to steal the bell and vandalize the building. Even the crane operator assumed she had the right to take it.

As he rounded the corner to the church, there was a crane parked on the property and the top of the bell tower was destroyed, pieces scattered on the roof and ground. In shock and panic, he didn’t quite comprehend what was happening. How was this allowed to happen in broad daylight!? She had crafted a web of lies to avoid anyone calling the police or notifying anyone about the destruction happening to the church. Had he not returned early, she would have taken everything! He immediately returned home to call for help. The first thought in the panic was to figure out why on earth she would do such a horrible thing, it was thought they were friends. A slew of text messages began between the new owner and the woman to stay away from the church and not to touch anything! She ignored all the messages and returned to the church to continue her theft.

At his request, a couple of family members came to town to see what was going on. They arrived, discussed the situation and then headed for the church to see the damage. When they arrived, she was there still trying to steal the bell!! She completely disregarded the specific instructions to stop and get away from the church. When the owner got to the church, she had people on ladders and on the roof. The crane was lowering the hook to grab the bell as they pulled up. Even after several warnings to stay away from the church and not to remove anything. She was told repeatedly to stop and leave immediately as she was trespassing and had no right to be there. She argued that she would do whatever she wanted and NOBODY could stop her! (There is a video of this) She continued and insisted the bell was hers and nobody was going to stop her from getting it. She continued to try and defy the orders for several minutes until a heated argument insued. The sheriff’s office was called, but didn’t respond until later that day. She used the text messages from their friendship months prior to try to prove she had rights to the bell, when she did not. A ruse to confuse the officer and make it look like she had a right to be there. She also lied to the officer stating that she was related to the new owner and she had permission, when in fact via 2 days of text messages she did not, and there is no relation bewtween them. She should have gone to jail, but the officer stated that they weren’t taking an old lady to jail. The lies she spewed made it a civil matter according to the PD. So because of her lies, it forced the situation to be treated as a civil case, not criminal at the time. At the end of the day she got away with destroying the church. The bell was left exposed because of her destruction and lies. It was safely removed later to protect it from getting destroyed when the building falls or to prevent it from being stolen. It gets used often and can be heard by everyone in town on occasion.

On September 9th, 2020, over 2 years after the purchase and more than a year after the attempted theft, she sent a letter of intent to sue for the bell and pews at a valuation of $7,500!! Another attempt to steal the bell and pews using the local court. She fabricated a a value and a lie that she was to be given free and clear the bell and 7 pews. (Which 7? All of them were in bad condition.) Why did she choose to let them decay in the building for 6 years, then 2+ years after the sale decide she had to have them and they were hers even in such poor condition? They had by her hand been defaced already as all the ornate hardware had been removed. (The pews are worthless due to rain and buzzard shit all over them. They are also from the late 70’s/Early 80’s, not original as stated on purchase. The bell is only worth about $700 as it cast iron and not brass.) Why the deceit and sneaking around if she truly had rights to them? She never once notified the owner she was going to get the bell or pews because she knew she had no right! In her lawsuit, she claimed she discounted the church $5,000 to keep bell and pews, a complete lie.

The deed at the bottom of this post shows that the church was purchased with it’s contents without restriction. “Grantor, for the consideration and subject to the reservations from and exceptions to conveyance and warranty, grants, sells and conveys to Grantee the Property, together with all singular the rights and appurtenances thereto in any wise belonging, successors or assigns forever.

Another fact is that the property was purchased on the 22 of August, 2018. The check cleared on August 24th. Again I am no attorney, but isn’t 2 years the statue of limitation for this type of civil case?

3 months later on December 21, 2020. The new owner was served a notice of lawsuit in the amount of $7,500 for the bell and 7 rotten pews. The serving of the notice was done in a questionable manner. An unrelated minor from down the street was served the papers. He was outside the fence doing yardwork. On top of the questionable serving, the owner was only given 14 days to find an attorney. At the time, court was schedule for Monday January 18, MLK Jr Day!! Of those 14 days, 5 were business days and not weekends or holidays. It was a challenge to find a local attorney over the holidays on such short notice. The owner and several locals showed up for court at 9AM that morning only to find that court was not being held, and conveniently the owner was not notified. Everyone wintessed the phone call as we stood on the steps of the city hall. The rescheduling went on for 8 months!! On 2 more occasions it was cancelled the day of. The trial was finally held Aug 20th, 2021 where everyone was required to wear a mask!! Against the Governors orders and the Supreme Court ruling!! Court was held on a Friday and the judge required a notice of appeal by Monday at 3PM! Roughly 7 business HOURS to file an appeal!! Without any judgements or paperwork being delivered to anyone! The flawed and errored judgements came days after the appeal time had passed!

The Verdict: The bell, and pews belong to the new owner, and the old lady, the former owner owes $2,000 in damages for trying to steal the bell. So be careful when you deal with this evil woman. She used pictures of her destruction and attempted theft of the bell to confuse things in court, saying most of the damage was done by the new owner!! More lies.. She has yet to pay the judgement as of Jan 2023.

At the time the judgement was rendered in Aug 2021, the church, bell, and pews had belonged to the new owner for 3 years!! As stated by the deed and the purchase in 2018. So if the ruling was in fact in her favor, how can you take something that deteriorates from someone after that amount of time? Or force them to care for it, maintain it, and store it for 3 years!! If so, a storage fee and maintenance costs should be assessed and billed to the old lady!!??

Buyer beware when purchasing from a scam artist, always get everything in writing and use a title company!

The church has been vandalized repeatedly over the past few years, windows broken out, the door kicked in, bricks stolen from the foundation. People have zero respect for private property.

A lot of time and effort went into assessing the church restoration. In the end it was not feasable to restore if it. The cost to restore it would have been astronomical, a complete rebuild was needed to make it safe and useable.

So all the people who want to criticize its decay, get the whole story first.

Update 25 January 2023

The church has been DONATED to a local non profit for a new building and space of their own. No money was taken for the church, property, or the contents. All pieces and parts of the church were given away, everything!

No good deed goes unpunished out here. On January 23, at 2:30pm a Writ of Possession was issued to turn the bell over to her 4 and ahlaf years later!! The writ is dated January 18, 2021!? It demands that the bell be turned over to her. With the threat of jail! I’m no attorney, but I don’t believe you can throw someone in jail over a civil issue. It gets even more interesting, the pictures attached to the writ of possesion are pictures taken in 2019 during the attempted robbery!! There is a crowbar in the picture and from the top where the tower was destroyed. Nobody has ever been on that roof except the workers when the old lady that tried to steal it.

All the paperwork for this mess is here in reverse order. Personal information has been redacted or legal reasons. No harm is intended by these posts, it is merely for entertainment purposes.

January 23, 2023 served by constable.

Received by mail from her.

This judgement states that it is in favor of the new owner!

Paperwork in reverse order.

The notice above was served toa 14 year old minor who lived down the road, it was found on a workbench outside.

The start of the illegal lawsuit and nothing but lies…

Forced website encryption is simply a control mechanism

The movement that started several years ago to force SSL/encryption on all websites is a scam.

Blogs, news, and information websites are publically available, there is no reason to encrypt the end user data. It increases bandwidth and also gives the powers that be a centralized mechanism to control what you see via SSL certificates. SSL is only necessary for login credentials and sensitive backend information. The content is already publicly available to anyone. Anyone can type in the URL and see it, and as long as the site is on the allowed list it will load in your browser. People will argue all kinds of reasons that every site needs full SSL to simply view the content, but the fact remains that if all browsers require SSL and enforce encryption, any site can be blacklisted instantly by revoking the cert. So you decide, do you really need SSL to read Keith’s blog about his cat? Or this blog??? My answer in NO! People have been brainwashed by paranoia that everything needs to be encrypted so nobody can spy on you.. Well I have news for you, they already know every site you go to! They don’t need to snoop on your internet connection to know exactly what you are looking at. Apps, browsers, and DNS already give them that information. SSL is simply a control mechanism. Yes some sites need SSL for login and sensitive data, but the vast majoirty of personal blogs, informative websites, and news sites do not. Public news sites do not need SSL!! The day will come when they censor sites that fall under one of their new buzzword categories mis/disinformation then it gets blacklisted and blocked isntantly. All the end user will see is not available. Right now you may see a safety warning and are allowed to proceeed if you accept the risk. The end user will have no idea that some behind the scenes entity has blocked a site. Freedom is removed under the guise of safety and has been throughout human history.

Fakebook, Google, and others filter independent free speech.

Fakebook and Google censor independently run websites that people post on their platform by redirecting or obscuring the link posted thru their system that has massive blacklist filtering. They control what users can open and get to, especially if you have the app installed on your phone. They also do this to prevent you from leaving their controlled space. They can’t make money off you or contrlol what you see if you leave their space/app. To access indepenedently run websites, you have to open a different browser* and type in the website url manually. If you click the link inside Fakebook, it may say unavailable, or give you some other erroneous error to dissuade you from viewing that website. I have personally run into many errors that a site is unavailable, so I use a browser that is not controlled and the site loads without issue. Chrome is notorious for doing this; all under the disguise of “safety”. I run my own servers, and have for 25 years. I know my sites are available even if Fakebook or Google say they are not. So beware when you click a link and it says it can’t find it or isn’t available. *Try opening Firefox, Tor, or Brave and type it in manually and it will most likely load. Just one more reason social media platforms are horrible. Also you will not find minguslife anywhere on google because free speech is their enemy. Banned in 3..2…1… For posting the truth.

Freedom lost and a lake stolen from generations.

During my half century on this planet, I have watched freedom slowly slip away. Freedom costs money today. If you have lots of money, you have lots of freedom. If you are poor, your freedom is severely limited.

40 year ago kids were allowed to be free. We weren’t chained to phones and tracked/monitored 24×7. We swam in ponds, caught fish, hunted varmints, rode motorcycles and gokarts. We spent days on the creek and at Tucker lake a few miles away. The water was our freedom and entertainment, we learned responsibility and safety. We never disrespected the land or other people’s property. Freedom to explore and enjoy nature. Freedom to learn and respect our surroundings. Freedom to learn how to protect each other and keep everyone safe. We knew if someone got hurt, it was going to be bad for all of us, so we watched over each other. We protected our water entertainment.

I beleive part of the problem with youth and society today are the restrictions and lack of freedom. All of the places I played as a kid are now restricted. The ponds in town that were our playground are now off limits. The lake is now owned by the state and closed to the public. Access to the creek is restricted. Generations played in those waters without issue. This is a serious flaw in our society, to deprive youth the opportunity to be free and learn safety and stewardship. An alternative to sitting at home with their phones. Parents and society are forcing kids to turn to their phones as entertainment. Where they are indoctrinated and manipulated via technology. The summers here are hot and dry, the freedom and access to water made life better for everyone.

I recently moved back after living in the city for 25+ years. When I first moved back the lake was still open to the public. I rode my bicycle there almost daily in the summer. In 2020 it was closed by the State to build a State Park. A lake that was enjoyed by many generations is now closed to the public. A hand full of people made this decision, greedy people who have no interest in allowing anyone else freedom or enjoyment. Greed and control is making this world intolerable. The lake has been closed for a couple years now, and when it does open, there will be an entrance fee. That alone will lock many people out, especially in this economy. It has been dubbed “The playground of DFW.” What about the locals? To me that means it will be a playground for city people with money. The state has stolen our land just to make a profit, it has nothing to do with providing anything for people as the lake was available for 80 years without issue. A few short sighted people in the city of Strawn gave it away, never thinking about the youth and how important it was to the local population. Never considering how future generations would be deprived the things that their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents enjoyed. A lake that was open to the public since 1937 is now closed! When it does reopen, getting in will require a fee, and if you want to camp, good luck getting a reservation. All of the parks in Texas are booked weeks in advance in the summer, sometimes months. The locals are the ones who will suffer the most from our lake being stolen! A permit and permission will be required to visit the lake. How long will it be before we need a permit and permission to leave our homes!!

I plan on fighting to give the local people free access to their lake. With the economy and fuel prices, there are no options for outdoor recreation within the reach of the poor and the young people.

I need help in this fight, if you are interested in getting involved, please contact me. Together we can all demand that local people be allowed access to their lake!! Freedom is vital to our society. We can no longer stand by and let the elites take away our freedoms!!

Corrupt School Boards are Stealing Money From Taxpayers and Students

School boards have become a tool for the left to steal from all of us and to manipulate students to further their agenda to destroy America!

An excerpt from The Federalist’s Chuck DeVore

Texas Association of School Boards IRS filing 2019

Fakebook found a way to block me despite the law.

They found a way to circumvent the new Texas law against banning conservatives & Republicans! I can no longer login to Fakebook. They make me jump thru several hoops, answering questions, then it says “We currently can’t verify your identity. Please try again later.” Yes my password is correct, it knows who I am as there are no other logins. I use 1 computer with the same IP and the same browser. After hours and even days of waiting to be unblocked, I try again to login. I get the same BS messages every day and eventually getting blocked for the day. Each day I jump thru the same hoops wasting my time. I keep a detailed log of my attempts, so if anyone knows a good attorney that is willing to fight Fakebook, please let me know. I also encourage everyone who is a freedom loving American to get off this platform immediately, they are controlling speech and manipulating you!! Training you to be very careful what you say and think! My account was purely to post public information important for our community and I have been silenced!

One option to approve from another computer. I only use 1 computer, this one!! Idiots!

Update 27May2022:

Well I got logged backin for a few minutes.. I installed the app on my phone against all of my prinicpals. I closed the app to go do other things. I came back to it 10 minutes later only to be alerted that I have been logged out. I tried to get back in and got all the usual BS warnings listed above over and over. How is this possible? I logged into the app, saved the login, verified my identity and all was good. 10 minutes later they can’t verify my identity and I’m locked out. This is censorship plain and simple. Thenew Texas law states they can’t ban me or censor, so they just lock me out of my account saying they can’t verify my identity. It’s on my cell phone!! How in the hell is that not verifiable!! Facebook is without a doubt an arm of the communist regime that is in power!

Update 28May2022

The BS continues. I tried to login this morning and it immediately said it couldn’t verify my identity. I was never given any option to verify.

Update May 30, 2022: When I try to login, the only option I am given is to authorize my login from another computer. There is no other computer!! This confirms that Facebook is indeed purposfully blocking me. This is beyond a shadow of a doubt censoring. Only communists censor people.

Update May 31, 2022: They finally allowed me to login. Will see how long this lasts.

Texas needs a Texas size trail system!

I’ve started investigating a multi use trail from Mineral Wells (MW) State Park to Palo Pinto Mountains State Park (PPM) to Possum Kingdom SP (PK)

A Bicycle/horseback/hiking trail from MW – PPM – PK would benefit the parks and the surrounding communities in countless ways.

The trail would be a huge economic booster for the state and the local communities. Palo Pinto, Lake Palo Pinto, Gordon, Mingus, and Strawn.

This is the beginning of something big for Palo Pinto County and Texas!!

Here is the trail system that inspired me to start this journey.

Mickelson Trail South Dakota–mickelson-trail/

If you have any experience getting trails created or would like to help, please email me vinny at minguslife dot com.

Fakebook is doing everything they can legally/illegally to deter conservatives from using it.

Fakebook makes life hell for conservatives or anyone who speaks out against them. FB is the mouthpiece for the communist party that is currently in control. They will label everything Russian disinformation to get it blocked and cancelled and convince people it is fake. I hate the FB platform, it is the enemy of democracy, but people won’t open their eyes and see it. As long as you post funny pictures, and share them to keep others engaged in endless scrolling everyday viewing ads, putting money in their pockets, you are a good little subjects. If you disagree or call them out, you are the enemy. I am 100% an enemy of the communists in charge!! I was raised to fight for my country and freedom, and this is my fight, the digital fight!! I’ve proven this and so have thousands of others. Another FB tactic is to make it hell for us to simply login. I have had constant hell with this crap since they reinstated my account. Account locked warnings, constant bad password warnings, which is complete BS because I have a password vault that pastes the password in, I don’t type it. A system I have used for a decade without issue. After 3 times FB locks me out, I wait 30 minutes, and do the exact same password again and it lets me in. This is a known tactic they use to discourage use from people they dislike. I’d like more than anything to not have to deal with this BS, but this is the only place people will go for information, which is really sad… FB has the monopoly over people and information right now, and until everyone realizes the control they wield, we will remain in this situation. This website that is free for everyone to read and it can’t get censored. It’s simple and easy for me to post and everyone to see and get information. I’m working on an email mailing list to send out a weekly newsletter, but people won’t be bothered to read it… I suspect or even subscribe. Very few people actually care about the future, and even fewer will get involved. I am thankful that there are several here in Mingus that want to get involved and will raise their voices against the enemy, be it the tax man or the communists in charge of this country!! FB had a good idea and then ruined it by censoring and controlling the information people see, they sold out to the commies aka Democrats.