Taxed to death!

We live in a CORRUPT socialist country regardless of what people have been taught to believe. The greedy liars and thieves get their 40%+, just not all at once, they siphon it off slowly along the way and we get almost nothing for it. Whereas in most socialist countries, they are honest. They just take the 40%+ up front and give people socialist benefits like free healthcare and they don’t tax property. There are several very nice countries with no property taxes, you pay a sales tax up front on property and it’s yours…for life! Most of them have amazing beaches, great healthcare, excellent healthy food, friendly people and nice weather! I made a poster in art class when I was 15. It had 6 words in bold black letters on a white poster board. LIFE: Birth-School-Work-Taxes-Death. Nothing has changed in the years since I made that poster. We could put an end to it, but that would mean people standing together and rejecting it, forcing a change. But sadly that will never happen because the majority has been brainwashed into thinking this is the only way things work. NOBODY should be taxed for their homestead!! NOBODY!! That is a basic idea of freedom that helped start this country. You pay for your land or inherit it, and it’s yours, but the evil greedy corrupt asshats that run this place will never allow that to happen. They want their cut regardless of who it harms or the pain it inflicts upon society. So they indoctrinate, brainwash, and lie to keep their pockets lined with our money.

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