The USA is in big trouble and people need to realize what is happening.

Every American should be outraged by the CDC using location data on Americans without their consent!!! This is pure communism. Have we been taken over and just aren’t fully aware of it yet? I think so..

I left my phone at home 80% of the time, and when I did take a phone with me it was my flip phone that does not have GPS. But in Feb 22′ AT&T disabled my flip phone and won’t allow me to use it. Even though it is 100% compatible with the 4G network. Why did AT&T disable 3g? Not for any of the reasons the public was given. The 3g network is still functioning, but that network has been privatized for government data communications only. I can still see the signals on my spectrum analyzer. They shut 3g down becuase thousands (millions?) of people still used 3g phones that do not have GPS. Those phones also do not have the self destruct and remote access features of new phones. (Turning on the mic and camera remotely, software EOL) AT&T even sent people free phones, I got one, and of course it has GPS that can’t be disabled!!! The software on it also sends information to weird servers in the US that do no correlate with any services needed to use a phone.

I believe we HAVE been taken over by a communist governement and they are crushing Americans!! Step back and take a look at the bigger picture, this is not America anymore, it’s a reality TV show to entertain our enemies!!!

People need to wake up and reject all of this madness immediately!!!

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