Replace Property Taxes with Sales Tax

Property appraisals are computer generated and unchecked. (To err is human, but If you really wanna screw things up, let a computer do it.) The county appraisal district (CAD) has no interest in doing any extra work or verifying numbers, they place the burden on the property owners to provide evidence and check. They know that most people won’t bother with it, so they get to steal from everyone who pays property taxes!! This is a fact, I’ve spoken with many people in the chain and several attorneys. Our system is severely broken!! It’s time we all come together and put an end to this madness! The MILLIONS of dollars that go to the CADs around Texas needs to go away!! Millions of dollars wasted on these erred and corrupt CADs. CAD cost is simply WASTED! If we all work together, we can get this fixed. The millions in waste would instead go into the economy, which would provide good jobs for the CAD employees and make life better for everyone with businesses growing and prospering vs paying outrageous property taxes that are wasted!! I’m personally for a 1-3% sales tax increase per year, this forces everyone to pay their fair share. The politicians will lie and tell you the increase is much higher, but in reality if you stop and look at Texas sales tax numbers, it works out, 90% of the money will then go to fund what property tax is trying to do. (hopefully, but we all know how the state will find a way to scrape off the top.) The CAD and it’s chain of command siphons off millions, when you eliminate the middlemen, everyone wins. With a state sales tax used, the foreigners pay, illegals pay, tourists pay, and the rich pay their fair share. Depending on how much you spend dictates how much you pay. So this helps the lower and middle class significantly. The rich pay their fair share on their expenditures. Another fact is that much of the land in our county is under AG exemptions, this puts an even bigger burden on the poor and middle class who do not own enough land to get the exemption even though MANY of us use the land for that exact purpose, farming and AG, just to barely survive. Imagine not having a property tax, no more exemptions or undue stress on people. The rich (generally) have a horse or two+ for fun and get full AG exemptions, making the poor pay!! I know several in the area who have horses for leisure and they get AG exemptions.. I witnessed the effectiveness of the sales tax increase first hand in the city. A school proposed a $28 million dollar bond, it was voted down because people did not want higher property taxes, so the city changed its course and added a 1% sales tax. It worked very well, and the bond was paid off sooner, saving even more money that went directly to the school instead of the infrastructure to collect property taxes. Tourists who came to shop helped pay for the bond and it didn’t break anyone or run anyone out of their homes!! A simple sales tax infrastructure is already in place, so switching would be very minimal to implement. People who do not pay sales tax for AG exempt items would continue to get that exemption (I’m open to ideas here), thus saving farmers and ranchers money while the masses help pay via the sales tax. The millions of people in the cities that rent and VOTE for property taxes will suddenly have to pay via the sales tax and then hopefully they might get more involved when the tax rates go up because it forces them to have a stake in the system. Eliminate the CAD and the ARB!!! Eliminate the crooks who are stealing our money and our land!!! ***I mean no offense to the good people at the CAD, this is not their fault, it is the state’s fault, the crooked politicians that created this system, all the people that rent that voted for this without a stake in it!! Then LET it get out of hand!!*** Throw them in harbor with their TEA!!! =)

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